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Receive parcels comfortably at home – safely and stress-free with your own parcel box

There's an increasing tendency to have you own home parcel box. You won't miss any more deliveries and also save yourself the hassle of having to go and pick-up your parcel. Enjoy full independence from the parcel service! Our parcel boxes are safe to pick up thanks to a special cover mechanism and can be extended as required to include a letterbox and/or a bell and intercom. With the ParcelLock parcel box, it's even possible for returns and parcels to be picked up from the parcel box. You don't even have to be at home!

For anybody who works during the day, who isn't at home and who doesn't feel like rushing to the post office after work a private parcel box is just the thing. With your own parcel box, you'll be able to receive your parcels and orders while you're away. You can just come home, take your packages from the parcel box and enjoy opening them. How nice it is! This is also possible with our free-standing parcel boxes since the parcel box is equipped with a special cover mechanism or app so that unauthorized persons cannot remove anything from inside. And if you would like to send a shipment back at any time, you can easily organize your returns via the app in the parcel box with the ParcelLock module. We offer free-standing parcel boxes in a variety of sizes. Our grey parcel boxes are all powder-coated in modern graphite grey and blend in very well with their surroundings. Equip your house or building, for example, with an XL parcel box or larger. With its 217l volume, our ParcelLock parcel box is currently the largest on the market.


A parcel box for the home serves you well

When choosing your parcel box, you should think about a suitable location. It's important that the parcel box is in full view of the postman and parcel deliverer and that it's easily accessible for all deliverers. It's best to place the parcel box for all parcel services as close as possible to the road used by the delivery service. The delivery person can drop off your package and leave it there safely. The parcel services don't need special keys or smart cards to deliver your parcels and orders. Our specially developed lid mechanism ensures that the parcel box prevents unauthorized removal. You can then conveniently open your parcel box at any time for all parcel services and remove your parcel.


What advantages does the Heibi ParcelLock Box offer?

With our ParcelLock parcel box you can receive and send parcels. Your order will be delivered by the parcel service as usual to your ParcelLock parcel box. You will be notified of your delivery immediately by app or e-mail. If you wish to return your order, simply prepare the shipment and attach the shipping label. On the homepage of the respective parcel service provider, you can register your pick-up and put your parcel safely in your ParcelLock parcel box. The parcel service then takes your parcel from the app-equipped parcel box. The ParcelLock app puts you in full control of your private parcel box. You control the receipt and shipping of parcels to and from your electronic parcel box. You can authorize delivery services to deposit parcels or deny access to your ParcelLock package box. Some parcel services are pre-set by default. You can grant access to all other deliverers. The Heibi ParcelLock parcel box has a volume of 217 L and is currently the largest universal parcel box on the market. This large parcel box is particularly ideal if you expect multiple deliveries. Multiple deliveries can be conveniently traced with the date, time and deliverer based on the history in your ParcelLock customer account.


Everything from one source: the free-standing parcel box

We always recommend a combination of letterbox and parcel box. This not only saves you from needing two different units, it also saves you and the deliverers from having to walk to different places. From our four free-standing parcel box models, two parcel boxes can be extended with a letter module and a module with a bell push, including a device for installing an intercom. You can customize your parcel box to form a unit to fit your personal needs. To ensure that mailbox module and bell module can be conveniently operated, we suggest not adding more than three modules to the parcel box. It doesn't matter in which order you would like to have the letterbox module and the doorbell module mounted. The comfortable combination of letter and parcel box from Heibi can be individually adapted to your home or company building. For two-family houses, for example, the combination of two letter modules and the bell module including two bell pushes and the option of installing two separate intercoms is a perfect solution. 


Workmanship and assembly of our parcel boxes

Parcel boxes need to be stable, theft-proof and able to withstand special conditions, such as the weather. Temperature fluctuations, strong wind or bright sunshine should not affect the ability of deliverers to access your parcel box. Heibi is a manufacturer of parcel boxes and has high expectations when it comes to the functionality and durability of parcel boxes. Our parcel boxes are made of sheet steel and have a specially selected powder coating. Our powder coating is solvent-free and characterised by its high resistance to daylight and weather. It's best to clean powdered surfaces regularly with a soft cloth, warm water and a non-abrasive cleaner. Please do not use steel wool, steel brushes or the like when cleaning your parcel box. Your free-standing parcel box will be delivered fully assembled, even if you decide to include a letter module and / or a bell module when ordering. When placing your order, simply state whether you wish to have the same keys for all modules and in which order we should attach your letter and ring module. You can then set up your parcel box with letterbox or parcel box only at your desired place and anchor your free-standing parcel box stably on solid ground with the help of the supplied dowels. The enclosed and clear and comprehensible assembly instructions will help you.


Purchase your parcel box inexpensively online at Heibi living

After you've decided on a parcel box, you pay safely and easily in our shop via PayPal or Amazon, credit card or prepayment. Heibi is a manufacturer of parcel boxes and produces all items, from design to design to production, in Germany. We offer parcel boxes in a variety of sizes. Choose between a smaller parcel box or a larger parcel box that's expandable with letter module and intercom. Perhaps the parcel box with app is the ideal one for you, with which you can receive parcels privately and send parcels at home. If you would like to have your parcel box or your XL parcel box in your favourite colour, please ask us. As a manufacturer of parcel boxes we specialize in fulfilling personal customer requests. For more than 80 years we have been producing products for your home's entrance area - all made in Germany. We deliver your parcel box completely pre-assembled directly to your home via a forwarding agent. Deliveries in Germany are even free. That's why it's important that you provide us with your phone number when ordering so that the forwarding agent can reach you. Many of our online customers value our 14-day right of return as well as the fact that, when you buy your parcel box from us, you buy directly from the manufacturer. We offer a 10-year warranty against rusting on all of our parcel boxes. We also guarantee long-term spare parts service for all of our products. If you have any questions about our products or regarding your order, please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail. Our customer service staff would be happy to assist you further.

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