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The contemporary letterbox – a reliable companion for your everyday life

Classic letterboxes and newspaper boxes are always in fashion and add a personal touch to every entrance. The letterbox is the most important figurehead of every building. As a wall-mount letterbox next to the front door or as a free-standing letterbox in the entrance area - our letterboxes serve to store your mail safely and unite weather resistance, aesthetics and comfort.

In our diverse collection you'll find tasteful letterboxes for your home or your company. Whether you're looking for letterboxes made of stainless steel, aluminium letterboxes or letterboxes made of metal with a high-quality powder coating - you will definitely find what you're looking for here. Provide your modern building, idyllic country house or your office building with a high-quality letterbox. When choosing your letterbox, you should choose a suitable location and understand your needs. It's important that your wall-mount letterbox or your free-standing letterbox is always easily accessible and clearly visible for both you and the postman. A wall-mount letterbox is a good choice for those who don't have to walk a long way to the front door. If the driveway to your property is long, then a free-standing letterbox or a fence letterbox that's as close as possible to the road used by the delivery service makes a lot of sense. Free-standing letterboxes can be easily mounted to the ground. They can be embedded in concrete or anchored to solid ground at your desired location. Wall-mount letterboxes can easily be set up as a free-standing version using a letterbox stand. If you read the newspaper regularly, there is a letterbox with a newspaper compartment or a newspaper tube. If you regularly receive a lot of post, such as letters, catalogues, magazines and newspapers, we recommend our large-capacity and theft-proof Gran Securo letterbox.


Choosing the right letterbox

How do you find the ideal letterbox? Heibi Living offers you a range of different models. If you know whether you need a free-standing letterbox or a wall-mount letterbox, you can then focus your attention on the design and features. Designer letterboxes are very trendy and a great way to express your style and taste. The assortment ranges from modern letterboxes to classical letterboxes to contemporary country house letterboxes. The Malypso-Fix stainless steel letterbox, for example, is equipped with LED lighting and a bell push and also offers the option of installing an intercom unit. Letterboxes made of stainless steel are still among the most popular models. Stainless steel is elegant and simple, yet extremely robust and waterproof. A stainless steel letterbox is appealing by design thanks to the material. A letterbox made of stainless steel in combination with glass is always an elegant combination and a beautiful eye-catcher. How about a letterbox that matches the front door, either contrasting or in the same colour as the windows? That's not a problem either. Letterboxes in grey, anthracite, graphite grey and white are both modern and trendy. If you're wondering if we can powder your letterbox in your favourite colour, the answer is yes. Just send us an e-mail with the RAL or DB colour information and we will gladly make you a personalised offer. The price of your new letterbox naturally depends on the workmanship and the material used, in addition to the design and the desired colour. Another important factor when purchasing a letterbox is that it conforms with the DIN EN 13724 standard. Doing so guarantees problem-free postal delivery without creased letters, sufficient storage space for high volumes of incoming post, no hassles with wet post and excellent quality thanks to specified and tested materials.


Care and workmanship of our letterboxes

Heibi letterboxes are highly sophisticated in terms of their function, design and durability. Stainless steel, aluminium or sheet steel - the material not only determines the look of the letterbox, but also how you need to take care of it. A stainless steel letterbox is indestructible. When properly maintained, your letterbox made of stainless steel will endure for decades virtually unchanged. The material is rustproof and easy to clean. Dust and dirt are simply wiped off with a damp cloth. We recommend cleaning with regular glass cleaner or stainless steel cleaner from time to time. Our aluminium letterboxes and our metal letterboxes made of sheet steel have a high-quality, powder-coated surface. The powder coating on our letterboxes and our letterbox units is characterised by its high resistance to daylight and weather. Even when exposed to large temperature fluctuations, the letterboxes' powder coating remains unaffected and has superb mechanical properties, such as excellent shock resistance. The powder coatings used are free of solvents and heavy metals and thus environmentally friendly and sustainable. The best way to clean powdered surfaces is to wipe them regularly with warm water and a non-abrasive PH-neutral cleaner. All of our letterboxes are delivered pre-assembled. You only need to mount your letterbox at the location of your choice.


Buy your letterbox and have it delivered immediately

When you order from Heibi, you order your wall-mount letterbox, free-standing letterbox or letterbox unit directly from the manufacturer. In the Heibi Living online shop you'll find an assortment of letterboxes made of stainless steel, aluminium and steel. Choose between a letterbox with a newspaper compartment or one without. Take your time to find out more about the material or design of your house letterbox and more about the matching letterbox stand. Please get in touch with us if you don't see your desired letterbox colour in our standard assortment. We at Heibi are problem solvers and would be more than happy to make your wall-mount letterbox or letterbox column in your favourite colour. For more than 80 years, we have been producing products for your home and garden at our location in Schopfloch, Germany. Our letterboxes are "Made in Germany", all the way from design to production. Many of our online customers value our 14-day right of return as well as the fact that, when you buy your letterbox from us, you buy directly from the manufacturer. We offer a 10-year warranty against rusting on all of our letterboxes and even a 15-year warranty on letterboxes in country style. In addition, we guarantee long-term spare parts service for all of our products. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay in touch with us.

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