Treats from the barbecue and sunny weather - an ideal combination

Delicious food and good conversation: Barbecues are simply made for being together! Enjoying food together in the fresh air is one of the nicest things to do outdoors. The assortment of barbecues is large, ranging from the classic charcoal grill, gas grill and electric grill to the barbecue chimney or even a complete grill kitchen.

When the sun's shining and temperatures are rising, we're drawn to the barbecue. After all, there's nothing better than gathering around the barbecue with family and friends. For most people, barbecuing is a way of life and a true passion. For the barbecue to be a success, it needs the right barbecue and the right equipment. At Heibi Living you'll find charcoal grills in many variations and designs, barbecue chimneys and a complete outdoor grill kitchen with electric barbecue, charcoal grill or grill cart. 


Choosing the right barbecue

Before you buy a barbecue, you should consider how much space you have available and roughly how often you want to use your barbecue. Do you barbecue only a few times a year? Or do you always want to have different types of barbecues at hand, such as a charcoal, gas or an electric barbecue? 

A charcoal grill is the classic barbecue and still very popular because it gives that typical smoky barbecue flavour. At Heibi you'll find the most varied assortment of sizes, shapes and colours for garden barbecues. The colour selection ranges from classic black to barbecues made of stainless steel. Swivel barbecue, wok barbecue and balcony barbecue - all models for barbecuing with charcoal. Each of these barbecues can be equipped as desired and adapted to your barbecue preferences with the right accessories. Most of our outdoor barbecues are mobile and can be conveniently transported to a suitable location. You can decide whether you want to use the grill cart on the terrace or in the garden. 

In our shop we also offer an electric barbecue. The Le Max table barbecue is mounted on a stainless steel grill cart. The mobile grill cart can be extended to form a complete grill kitchen. Thanks to its modular system you can easily assemble your stainless steel mobile grill kitchen according to your wishes and space requirements. Intelligent plug connections between the individual modules stabilize the mobile barbecue station and, at the same time, serve as shelves. The Le Max is a mobile electric barbecue and can be taken out of the cart if necessary. Thanks to the short heat-up time, the electric barbecue is ready-to-use in no time. All you need is a power connection. There's also a stainless steel cover that's available as an accessory to protect the electric barbecue after the barbecue.

A garden fireplace or terrace fireplace is a highlight for any garden. Grill chimneys exude a sense of comfort and provide cosy warmth. You can use garden fireplaces as a charcoal grill or as a fire pit. At Heibi Living we offer two different barbecue chimney models in our assortment. Our stainless barbecue chimney has a modern look and impresses with many practical extras. The combination of barbecue and fireplace makes for pleasant temperatures on cool summer evenings. The retro design barbecue chimney can be used as a barbecue or as an open fireplace. Thanks to the pull-out handles and the two wheels, you can comfortably set up the retro look barbecue chimney at your favourite spot.


Grilling directly or indirectly - what's the difference?

When it comes to barbecuing there's a basic distinction between the direct and indirect method. With direct grilling, the food is on the grill above the heat source. When properly grilled, the food retains most of its juice. The meat can be coated with fat or marinade so that it doesn't dry out. However, harmful substances form when fat drips into the hot embers. A special kind of direct grilling is sizzling. Here the meat is briefly grilled over extreme heat. Then the meat is cooked over medium heat.

With indirect grilling, the food is cooked at medium temperature in a closed barbecue with lid. The barbecued food is not in direct contact with the heat source, but either next to it or laterally offset above the hot embers. The heat is reflected on the inside of the barbecue and the food is cooked evenly from all sides. Indirect grilling is ideal for roasts or large pieces of meat, because the heat can penetrate into the interior without burning the outer layer. Our VITALO barbecue is perfect for indirect barbecuing.


Assembly and care of barbecues and garden fireplaces

Most of our grills are delivered fully pre-assembled. So you can start barbecuing right away. For unassembled or partially assembled grills, there's a clear and comprehensible assembly manual. The workmanship of our grills and barbecue chimneys as well as their equipment is of the highest quality and designed for stability and to last. Take advantage of our many years of spare parts service and order your coal pan, your barbecue grate or a new side glazing basket conveniently in our shop. You should clean your grill properly so that it lasts for a long time. A stainless steel grill is best cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge. Stainless steel is easy to clean and durable and survives almost unchanged for decades. It's best to regularly clean the powdered surfaces with warm water and a non-abrasive, PH neutral detergent. Under no circumstances should you use steel brushes, steel wool or the like for cleaning the barbecue frame, as this will damage the protective surface.


Order your barbecue from Heibi Living

At Heibi Living you can order your garden grill, your garden fireplace or your grill kitchen directly from the manufacturer. From the electric barbecue car to the many varieties of charcoal grills, fire bowls and fire baskets to the complete stainless steel grill kitchen you will find everything for the perfect barbecue enjoyment. In our online shop, you can buy the necessary accessories for your Heibi barbecue, such as suckling pig spit, drip tray, chopping board, side shelf, barbecue grate, barbecue tongs, cover or protective cover for the grill. Pick your favourite grill and expand it with the right accessories. For more than 80 years, we have been producing products for your home and garden at our location in Schopfloch, Germany. We convince every online customer with our data and customer protection, the choice of various secure payment methods and our 14-day right of return. Excluded from our general right of return are grills that have already been barbecued on. So here's our tip: If you wish to cancel your order after making an online purchase, please make sure that you don't start using the barbecue as a proud, new owner. You may like to check the usability and completeness of the barbecue, however, you should do this as carefully as possible so that the barbecue may be sold after it's returned. If anything on your grill has broken during transport, please contact us. Together we'll find a solution. Our products are characterized by high-quality workmanship and a long service life. Which is why we also offer a 10-year warranty against rusting to the frame. Last, but not least, we have many years of spare parts service and a direct contact person for your questions.

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