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Letterbox units – durable quality and designs for every need

A lovely letterbox is one of the must-haves for your home, because letterboxes are the most important figurehead for every building. Not only are the design and material decisive when choosing your letterbox, but also how many letterboxes you need for the building. For this purpose, a letterbox unit is useful in everyday life. This is when several individual letterboxes are merged together to form a letterbox unit. The compact home letterbox unit can also be equipped with communication elements such as bell pushes or an intercom. 

From a single-family home to a large building complex - we deliver hard-wearing, wall-mounted letterbox units and free-standing letterbox units or specially-designed letterbox units, because every building has different structural requirements. Heibi Living offers many letterboxes to choose from. Once you know whether you'll choose a wall-mounted or a free-standing letterbox unit, you can turn your attention to the equipment and colour. In our shop, you'll find letterbox units made of stainless steel or coloured letterbox units, for example in grey, anthracite, white or black. The combination of letterbox unit with doorbell plate and intercom is ideal. The integrated communication unit saves you and the postman from the hassle of using two different units. 

Provide your single-family home, apartment building or your office building with a high-quality letterbox unit. It's important that the letterbox unit is accessible from the outside and at any time without danger, so the postman doesn't have to ring and be let in to deliver the post. For a single-family house, even a 2-letterbox unit can often be very useful. For example, the 2-letterbox unit is ideal for homes with a granny flat or if you want to keep your private and business post separate.


Which home letterbox units are available and which letterbox unit is the right one? 

Wall-mounted or free-standing letterbox unit? Our modern letterbox units are available in two versions, i.e. for two different types of installation: as a wall-mounted and surface-mounted unit or as a free-standing letterbox unit. Free-standing letterboxes are real classics and fit in well with their surroundings thanks to the many design options. Free-standing letterbox unit are suitable to many building conditions and guarantee maximum planning freedom when it comes to choosing a location. If you've got enough space on your property, you can set up the letterbox unit virtually anywhere. Another advantage of the free-standing letterbox unit is that it's easy to set up without the need for major construction measures. You can embed the letterbox unit in concrete or anchor it to the ground using dowels wherever you choose. The wall-mounted letterbox as a surface-mounted unit also impresses with its versatility. You don't need any additional components to set it up, as the letterbox unit is anchored directly to the wall. In addition, wall mounting doesn't require masonry work and the façade remains fully intact. This is a considerable advantage for refurbished properties or listed buildings - also in terms of costs. Surface-mounted units are suitable wherever the retrofitting of flush-mounted units isn't possible.


Finding the right letterbox unit

In our shop you'll find some pre-assembled house letterbox units that you can purchase immediately. These letterbox units are a small cross-section of our assortment and also serve as a suggestion for home letterbox units that you can assemble yourself with the help of our letterbox configurator. We will gladly assist you along the way to finding the letterbox unit that's right for you. First of all, you should know whether you would like a wall-mounted unit or a free-standing unit. Then you can focus on your letterbox unit's design and equipment. Next you'll determine how many letterboxes you need and whether the individual letterboxes should be arranged vertically or horizontally. For vertical letterboxes, the post stands up in the letterbox; for horizontal letterboxes, the post lies flat inside. The reason is that vertical letterboxes are not as deep as horizontal ones. Whether you choose a vertical or horizontal letterbox depends on your sense of aesthetics and the future location of your letterbox unit. In addition, you should decide whether you need a letterbox unit with bell and speaking zone for installing an intercom and whether the doors should open from the right or the left. Choose the colour of your letterbox unit and decide if you would like to have the letterbox unit with street name and house number or your company logo. You can also choose to equip your letterbox unit with lighting and a second nameplate.


Any letterbox unit your heart desires - easy to configure online

Our greatest strength is that we offer individual solutions that meet the wishes of our customers. That's why Heibi lets you put together your own letterbox unit. With the letterbox configurator, you can create your letterbox unit however you wish - simply and in just a few steps. With one click you decide on the number of letterboxes (an even or odd number is possible) and whether the letterbox door should open to the right or to the left. How should your letterbox unit be mounted, for example? When choosing the type of installation it's not only aesthetic preferences that play an important role, but also the structural requirements. Do you need a surface-mounted or a free-standing letterbox? Thanks to the clear step-by-step guidance, you can also plan complex letterbox units without being a specialist. In no time at all you can create an illustration, which you then send us as a non-binding request. After we've calculated the price for your stainless steel letterbox unit, we'll send you our offer. We're a manufacturer of letterboxes based in Germany and we also offer special solutions according to our customers' needs. Just ask us! Our customer service staff would be happy to assist you further.


Workmanship, assembly and design of our letterboxes

The letterboxes and the communication element with bell and speaking zone as well as the module for the address or the company logo are all made of stainless steel. All letterboxes are equipped with a fall arrest and reduced noise flap. The water-repellent flap, the integrated gutter and a water protection plate offer your post the best possible protection against water, because even the highest-quality letterboxes are not hermetically sealed. Gaps and tolerances included in the design can allow the penetration of moisture under extreme weather conditions such as driving rain, storms, continuous rain or dew. The slightly protruding profile with pitched roof also ensures the greatest possible rain protection. The sturdy letterbox locks are protected against dust and water. The high quality bell pushes are stainless steel and vandal-proof. We can also provide the stainless steel bell push with white or blue LED lighting on request. Simply select the appropriate option in the HEIBI letterbox configurator. The installation box made of stainless steel has a speaking zone and a device for the installation of an intercom. You can also equip your letterbox unit with lighting. No additional power supply is necessary to light your letterbox unit - the LED lighting draws its power from the bell's current. The high-quality, sturdy profiles of the letterbox unit are made of aluminium and are perfectly suited for feeding in the cable. 

Your letterbox unit is always delivered fully assembled. It doesn't matter whether it's a 4-letterbox, a 12-letterbox or a large and complex letterbox unit. With the help of the supplied heavy-duty dowels, you can simply mount your wall-mounted letterbox unit or your free-standing letterbox unit anywhere you desire. You can also embed your letterbox unit in concrete. To do so, in the online configurator simply add the embeddable spike to your order and you'll be able to anchor your letterbox safely in the ground.


Care tips for your letterbox unit 

As a manufacturer of letterboxes, we have very high expectations when it comes to the functionality and durability of our products. Heibi letterbox units are made entirely of stainless steel and aluminium. A stainless steel letterbox unit is appealing by design thanks to the material. Stainless steel is rustproof, very robust and water-repellent. The material is very easy to clean. Dust and dirt are simply wiped off with a damp cloth. All components of the letterbox unit are made of stainless steel, except for the profiles. The stand profiles and frame profiles of the letterbox unit are made of aluminium and have a high-quality, powder-coated surface. The powder coating on our letterbox units is characterised by its high resistance to daylight and weather. Even when exposed to large temperature fluctuations, the letterboxes' powder coating remains unaffected. It also has superb mechanical properties, such as excellent shock resistance. This makes them particularly suitable for outdoor use, but also for numerous indoor applications. The powder coatings used are free of solvents and heavy metals and thus environmentally friendly and sustainable. It's best to periodically clean the powdered surfaces with warm water and a non-abrasive, PH neutral detergent. Under no circumstances may steel wool, steel brushes or the like be used for cleaning, as such cleaning aids will damage the protective surface.


Purchase your letterboxes - online and at low prices directly from the manufacturer

In our shop you can order your letterbox unit comfortably from home and directly from the manufacturer. You'll find an assortment of letterbox units at Heibi Living. Choose a stainless steel letterbox or one in colour. You can opt for a surface-mounted letterbox unit or a free-standing one. Search in peace and quiet for the various equipment options for your own individual letterbox unit. With our configurator, you can put together your very own letterbox unit in the colour of your choice step by step. For over 80 years we have been manufacturing products for home and garden in Germany. Our letterbox units are "Made in Germany", all the way from design to production, at our location in Schopfloch. We deliver your letterbox unit completely pre-assembled to your home or to your desired delivery address via a forwarding agent. There's even free shipping for deliveries in Germany. Individually configured letterboxes are excluded from our general 14-day right of return due to the fact that these products are tailored to your personal needs. If the letterbox unit is defective or was damaged during transport, please contact us immediately. In such cases our customer service is there for you and together we will surely find a solution. We offer a 10-year warranty against rusting on all of our letterbox units and we guarantee long-term spare parts service for all of our products. Many of our online customers value the fact that, when you buy your letterbox unit from us, you buy directly from the manufacturer in Germany. If you have any questions about our products, please call us or send us an e-mail. We're here to help.

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